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Project Scientific Coordinator

Teresa Ferreira Rodrigues ( Teacher at the Department of Political Studies at FCSH and Invited Teacher at NOVA Information Management School both from Universidade NOVA. Associate Professor with tenure in International Relations. Coordinator of the PhD in International Relations (FCSH-NOVA), and of three Pos-graduations: Strategic and security studies (a partnership between NOVA and IDN-MDN); Globalization, diplomacy and security (a partnership between NOVA, IDi-MNE and IESM- Estado Maior General das Forças Armadas-MDN); Information management and security (a partnership between NOVA, IDN-MDN and SIRP- PCM). She is a member of the Board of IPRI-Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, and coordinates the research group of Prospective Studies. She belongs to several national and international associations in the fields of demographic studies and international relations. Responsible and member of national and international projects, financed, namely by the Ministry of National Defence, the Foundation for Science and Technology and European Community funds. Author of more than a hundred articles and nine published books. Research Fields: Migration, Ageing, Health, Forecast analysis and and planning, Security.

Aline Santos - FotografiaAline Santos ( is a Master’s student in Law and Security, by the Faculty of Law, from the New University of Lisbon. She holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations, by the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences, from University of Lisbon. Her research interest includes strategic and security studies, political science as well as international relations. Presently she is a Research Scholar of the SIM4SECURITY project.

inacioAndré Inácio ( holds a PhD in Public Law (Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid, recognized by the University of Lisbon). He also holds a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, two Postgraduations in Criminology and in Economic and European Criminal Law, and the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Criminal Law (San Pablo CEU, Madrid). André INácio Is a National Defense Auditor (2003) and has served as a Member of the Board of Directors of AACDN (Associação de Auditores de Defesa Nacional). He was a Criminal Investigator at the PJ (1988-2009), and is since 2009 Civil Aviation Security Auditor at the National Civil Aviation Authority, He is a founding member of OSCOT (Observatório de Segurança, Criminalidade Organizada e Terrorismo), coordinator of the Graduate Program in Criminology and Criminal Investigation at Universidade Lusófona, external trainer of ASAE (Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica), and ANAC (Agência Nacional da Aviação Civil – Brazil) and guest lecturer in the areas of Security, Criminology and Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure in several universities and Institutes. His main research areas and publications in Portugal and abroad concern security studies and crime related topics.

16559061_1741202415905448_1122736667_nCatarina Gonçalves ( is a Master’s student in Political Science and International Relations, by the Humand and Social Sciences Faculty, from New University of Lisbon. She holds a Post-Graduation in Strategic and Security Studies and a Bachelor degree in Criminology, by the Faculty of Law, of University of Oporto, as well as a Specialized Training Course in Network Intelligence Analysis, by ISCSP. Currently she is a Research Scholar of the SIM4SECURITY project. Research fields: Security; International Relations; Political Science; Security Forces; Terrorism



6da_fotoDalila Araújo ( PhD in Political Science, Public Policy – FCSH-UNL, thesis topic: Safety-Paradigms XXI century, study of new community policing tools in Portugal: Local Security Contracts. Master of Political Science and International Relations, “Metropolitan Areas and Urban Communities – that decentralization? – FCSH-UNL. Graduation in Moderns Languages and Literature / Portuguese Studies – FCSH-UNL. Researcher FCT, UNL teacher invited – FCSH-UNL. Senior business consultant for local government , e-government, smatcities, Papers, articles and conferences in the areas of security, local government, regionalization. Secretary of State for Internal Affairs, XVIII Government, Constitutional and Civil Governor of Lisbon. Research Fields: Security, Local Government, Regionalization, Metropolitan areas, Municipalities.

Jorge_Ferreira_smaJorge Ferreira ( Jorge Ferreira is an assistant professor at the Geography and Regional Planning Department, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH), Nova University of Lisbon. He has PhD in Geography and Regional Planning, specialization in New Technologies in Geography. Among several scientific interests, geographic information technologies (GIS and Remote Sensing) and the creation of knowledge for decision support, are some of its most important research topics. He develops applied research activities in CICS.NOVA Interdisciplinary Centre for Social Sciences, a research unit with Government annual funding from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia within the NOVA University of Lisbon. He is author of several publications including chapters in books and articles and he has published in several national and international conference proceedings. Jorge Ferreira has been advisor of dozens of graduated students (Masters and PhD) on academic and scientific works. He’s also regularly invited for scientific committees on International conferences, as referee in several journals and has been involved in national and international projects as coordinator and observer.

jorge bravo_FBJorge Miguel Bravo ( is Professor of Economics and Finance at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) and Invited Professor at Université Paris-Dauphine in Paris. He holds a PhD and a BSc in Economics from the University of Évora (UE) and a MSc in Monetary and Financial Economics from ISEG Lisbon School of Economics and Management. He is the coordinator of the Post-Graduation in Financial Markets and Risks at NOVA IMS and member of MaGic Research center. He lectured at the Department of Economics of UE for 16 years, in which he coordinated the MSc in Monetary and Financial Economics, and at ISEG. He coordinates the Observatory of Biometric Risks of Portuguese Insured Population at the Portuguese Insurers Association and is member of BBVA Bank Pensions Institute in Madrid. He is consultant at Statistics Portugal since 2007. Previously, he was consultant at the Ministry of Finance and at the Ministry of Social Security, at APFIPP and for several insurance companies. He is co-founder and member of the Board of the Think-Thank Association CIDADANIA SOCIAL – Associação para a Intervenção e Reflexão sobre Políticas Sociais. His main research areas and publications in Portugal and abroad concern interest rate and longevity risk management, stochastic population forecasts, pension reform and design and financial markets.

Marco Painho (1)Marco Painho ( is currently Fulll Professor of NOVA Information Management School(NOVA IMS). Coordinates the Master of Science Program in Geospatial Technologies (Eramus Mundus) and the Master in Geographic Information Systems and Science.  Research interests include Geographic Information Systems, Natural resource Information Systems, Information Integration, Crowed Sourced Geospatial Information, Spatial Analysis, GIS Education and Information Infrastructures.  He holds a Bachelor degree in environmental Engineering by the  Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, a Master of Regional Planning (MRP) by the University of Massachussetts, a Doctor of Philosophy in Geography (Ph.D.) by the University of California and Habillitation Geographic Information Systems by the  Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He was NOVA IMS’Director between 2000 and 2010.

He is the author and editor of over 160 publications including books, boks chapters, papers and articles in national and international conference proceedings.  Has coordinated over 80 research and develpment, consulting and international cooperation projects. Has had the following duties: Member of the scientific Committee of the European Environmental Agency Portuguese representative of the Thematic cooperation group: Earth Monitoring and Observation(IV Framework Program – environment and cliamte) Member of the Management Board and Steering Committee of the european Topic Centre for Nature Conservation, Paris.

MCNeto_ZoomMiguel de Castro Neto ( is Assistant Professor and Associate Dean at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) where he is President of the Pedagogical Council and Coordinator of the Post-Graduation in Smart Cities.

He was Secretary of State of Spatial Planning and Nature Conservation in the XIX and XX Portuguese Government.

Presently he is coordinating NOVA Cidade Initiative, he is also President of the Portuguese Engineers Professional Association Agronomy College, coordinator of the Group Cities and Spatial Planning in the think tank Sustainable Growth Platform and President of the Festival Terras Sem Sombra Curators Board. He is founding-partner of the company Agriciência, Consultores de Engenharia, Lda.

Pedro CabralPedro Cabral ( is an Assistant Professor at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS). Started the academic career as teaching assistant trainee in 1999. Teaches GIS and Spatial Modelling. ERASMUS Coordinator of ISEGI. Topic of research: Spatial modeling for assessing the provision of ecosystem services.

1Pedro Sarmento ( is a Research Fellow at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS). He holds a PhD in Information Management and a Masters in Science & Geographic Information Systems from NOVA IMS, and a degree in Biophysics Engineering – Planning and Environmental Management. He collaborated in several national and international remote sensing & GIS projects, in public and private institutions. Since 2007 he develops research related with the uncertainty in the accuracy assessment of land cover maps, having published several papers related with land cover mapping derived from satellite images and as a speaker in international conferences related with Spatial Accuracy, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.





sara_ribeiro_01Sara Ribeiro ( is a PhD student in Information Management – Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She holds a Master Degree in GIS and a degree in Environmental Engineering. She has collaborated in several GIS projects in East Timor, as a GIS specialist and vocational trainer. Currently, she is a research scholar of the SIM4Security project and teaches Geostatistics at NOVA IMS. Research fields: Land Use and Cover Change models, Geostatistics, Climate data quality.


Roberto Henriques ( is currently Assistant Professor at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) where is the coordinator of the Master in Information Management and Statistics, Master in Information Management and European Master of Science in Information Systems Management. He holds a PhD in Information Management (NOVA), a Masters in Geographic Information Systems and Science and a degree in Biophysics Engineering. His research interest include geospatial data analysis and decision support systems using artificial intelligence and data mining methods. His work has been published in several international high quality journals and conferences. He has also been involved in several projects including marketing analytics and CRM, client management and data mining.

Tiago OliveiraTiago H. Moreira de Oliveira (, a PhD student in Information Managemente, has also a Master Degree in Land Management and Urban Planning, and a degree in Geography and Territorial Planning. His PhD research topic is entitled “The Emotion-Aware City: Using Ambient Geographic Information (AGI) in order to understand Emotion & Stress within Smart Cities”.

Since 2010, he became the Executive Coordinator for I&D national and international Projects in NOVA IMS (LabNT).

His role as executive coordinator of this research department led him to participate in research and innovation projects that, for example, promote the conception, development and implementation of GIS for management, integration and analysis. His knowledge and expertise in GIS and Project Management allowed him to coordinate Projects plan and assign tasks to the project’s team prepare new proposals write scientific articles, and also contribute in GIS consulting areas.

In the same institution plays the role of Coordinator in the GIS & Science master course (, and as a member of the UNIGIS International Network, which is associated to this master course. Since he has expertise in e-learning Platforms, he’s a relevant asset in the programming of the course and its schedule the design, maintenance and implementation of the e-learning Platform, and also by monitoring and following the students during the course.

Since 2010 became an assistant in teaching the courses of Geographic Information Systems and Science at NOVA IMS.